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AOI Pro. has been making TV commercial films for more than 50 years. We have empirical knowledge on how they can affect human psyche, yet never had an opportunity to verify its objective and scientific validity.

In search of truth about human unconsciousness, myriads of technologies and methods have been devised; however, systems that are designed to accommodate and satisfy marketing demands and creative perspectives still do not exist.

With our own VR Insight ™, we intend to build a new evaluation system for TVCM and other motion pictures to improve creative expressions and methodologies. Together with marketers, we further aim to give light to "the influences of motion pictures on human mind".


Our service is an image/motion picture evaluation system. It is a contemporary rebuild of conventional research platform with variety of automated processing functions: It consists of an answering interface on touch-devices and viewing experience in the VR environment (+ vital reaction sensing). With this original system, we are able to compare the test material with vital reactions that indicate respondents’ psychological state.

Data collected would include Eye-tracking, EEG (electroencephalogram), ECG (electrocardiogram), hand pressure, body temperature, and operation log, and are stored in the cloud system. With this approach, we are able to work with “linear reactions” of the respondents which are impossible to be gathered in the conventional survey format.
※ Patent pending


  • 1VR × sensing

    The biggest threat to vital-response sensing is the external noises that are caused by bodily movements and stimuli. We believe our VR-environment viewing would minimize such risk factor in the research process.

    Brain wave sensor incorporated in HMD

    VR-viewing minimizes the noise affect

  • 2VR × Eye-tracking

    There are 12 infrared-LEDs and 2 infrared cameras equipped with FOVE’s Head-mounted Display (HMD) device. This enables much precise tracking of eye-movement even at the level of a letter in a sentence. (Tracking accuracy: 1 degree or less / frame rate: 120 fps)

    Highly accurate eye-tracking and blink recording

    Frame-by-frame line of sight acquisition and recording

  • 3Intuitive research UI

    The reason we employ vital response sensing is to avoid respondent biases during the act of answering. Although we also employ questionnaire forms, we devised original UI for respondents to answer more smoothly and intuitively.

    Easy-to-use interface for better respondent concentrations

    Purpose-driven flow and device

  • 4Totaling automation and operational UI development

    The data obtained through VR OAT is immediately stored in the cloud system. We built a system with which clients can obtain information instantaneously in various forms with an easy-to-use dashboard.

    Log-in system for ease of use

    Smooth operations for a variety of requirements


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