Approach into

Human decision making and behaviors are said to be influenced by the unconscious mind (depth psychology, subconscious mind) which is much larger than one can possibly grasp, and its entire understanding is considered next to impossible.

Our latest exploration is in this unconscious arena utilizing vital sensing technologies based on systematic verification designs. In addition, we employ cloud systems and machine learning in this endeavor to give our own interpretations to “correlations among vital responses, human mind, and behaviors.”


Capturing Insight
with VR

VR technology provides an abundance of exciting stimulus: We focused on its compatibility with sensing and have invented a methodology to track vital reactions in the VR space and associate them with people's behaviors (decision-making). In this new manner, we are capturing "insights" that influence the mind and behavior from the unconscious.

Variety of services resulting from the fusion of new findings and creative thinking – that is our solutions.



Our team was formed by a group of professionals who shared one single goal; “Getting to the core of human insight with creativity and technology.” We are multi-disciplinary; creative, consulting, strategy, VR development, vital sensing, system engineering, electroencephalogram and psychology research. Together, we combine various technologies and ideas to achieve our shared goal.

  • AOI Pro.

    Experiential business design & development leveraging on our film-production expertise

  • Altitude

    New business consulting leveraging advanced technologies

  • bluememe

    Aggregated-dashboard/content & user-management platform development

  • FOVE

    Head mounted display with eye-tracking function development

  • NeuroSky

    Electroencephalogram/electrocardiogram sensor and psychological algorithm development


    VR application/systems design and development


    VR application control device with vital reaction sensing development